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View topic - Craig's 2011 System!!

Craig's 2011 System!!

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by craigmclellan89 » Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:42 am

Few changes since my earlier thread!! http://www.agoraquest.com/viewtopic.php?topic=35186&forum=63

In that time I've actually had 3 systems. I changed to a Musical Fidelity F22 and F15 combo for amplification, then changed CD players as my 337ESD seemed to have died. Then changed to a Yamaha HD audio receiver, then upgraded the TV and blu-ray to a new Sony 3D system.


The past few months I was getting angry at the fact my new amps ran so hot. They would literally have heat haze on the walls if the sun shone in - making it impossible in the summer. My system is in my bedroom as I have not yet moved out. That twinned with the fact that my current partner already has a child, I didn't much like the thought of her touching the F15 and getting a bad burn!

3 weeks ago, I got fed up too as I realised I just missed the ES sound I used to have. So, I rescued my CDP-337ESD from the garage. I replaced it because it was getting noisy while playing, and it was actually affecting the audio on playback. So I took the lid off it, cleaned all the exterior and then cleaned off all the dried up gunk and other mess which was on any of the moving parts, and then applied new lube to all of it. I even noticed shockingly that the motor which span the CD was rubbing - it actually feels like a bearing there is starting to fail. I used one of my Dad's syringes (he's diabetic) to apply some 3 in 1 oil as best I could here. My heart fluttered as I realised this was doing the trick and it was freeing up the movement!

So obviously, I was extatic when I powered it up and my CD player which I missed for the best part of a year was performing as new!

This was when I decided to bite the bullet and list my Yamaha CD-S700 on eBay and also sell the F22 and F15 amps. I WANTED my ES gear back!

I then also decided to flog the Yamaha AV amp.

To summarise: I've sold:

Musical Fidelity F22, F15, Yamaha CD-S700, Yamaha RX-V667. Not exactly a subtle home theatre system, but it's all down to taste!

Last week (or the week before) I luckily found a Sony TA-E1000ESD & TA-N55ES combination on eBay, so I snapped them up.

The system is now:

Sony KDL-40HX803 3D Bravia, BDP-S470 (2 pairs of 3D Glasses) Sky+ HD, Project Debut Mk III, Sony TA-E1000ESD, CDP-337ESD, TA-N55ES, B&W DM 602 S2. I also have an hp HTPC system full of hard drives with pristine 1080P and DTS movies on it :-D

I don't have multichannel in here yet, but I'm going solve that by getting another VA555ES AVR (my old one is with my parents downstairs, so I'm buying a DB830QS for them and stealing the ES back!!) I plan to get some Bose cubes to use as rears and mount them as high up as possible so I don't have huge speakers all over the place.


TV and Electronics

Desk system: Those components do not have a means of powering the speakers themselves, you must use a power amp with them. I used to use an Arcam Delta 290P with some Dynaudio Audience 40s. I sold these in the end as it took up too much room on the desk. Now, it is just used with headphones. :)

Lastly, a nice shot of the beautiful 40HX803 3DTV.

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Sony Devotee
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by jttar » Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:00 pm

Hello Craig,

Thanks for sharing your story and your systems with us. That is quite the load of Sony gear.
Don't blame you for wanting the multi channel system but I would suggest looking for other rear speakers then BOSE cubes. They are way over priced and not that good on sound.
It was fun looking at you picture gallery.

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by craigmclellan89 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:58 am

I'll be getting them at a drastically reduced price

I love the sound of Bose stuff but I would never pay full fair for them.

There is a large thread on Avforums which spans back some 5 years worth of upgrades and changes - I want to put that in to a website which is easy to navigate soon. Interesting read though, that thread. Some of the stuff I have owned...!
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Sony Devotee
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by mykyll2727 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:52 pm

Great system!!Thanks for sharing!!_mykl
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by craigmclellan89 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:11 pm

Just to make you all aware - I have spent this evening in my loft running speaker cables for my soon to arrive B&W LM1.

Also, as good as the TA-E1000ESD, pre duties are going to be served by the VA555ES receiver. I am going to keep the E1000ESD incorporated as a DAC, though.
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Sony Devotee
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by craigmclellan89 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:49 am

Updates for the work being done:

Poking holes in the ceiling:

Threading the cables through:

I also bought a few meters (!) worth of conduits to screw to the walls properly. The feed from the loft to the hifi obviously needed hiding so decided to replace all the self adhesive stuff at the front of the system at the same time. I then used a centre speaker bracket under the TV for my Blu-Ray and Sky HD box.

Terminated at both ends with banana plugs:


I will get something a bit more aesthetically pleasing for the boxes under the TV soon. I may even just buy a much larger rack, but I like to keep the visual equipment away from my hifi nowadays.

The STR-DB830 should be here Wednesday for my parents system - so the VA555ES will be going in my rack on the same day. The B&W LM1s should be arriving sometime this week.

My room:

Sony KDL40HX803, Sony BDPS470,
Sony TA-E1000ESD, Sony CDP-337ES, Sony TA-N55ES
B&W DM602S2 Acoustic Research Status 30 Sub


Sony KDL40X2000, STR-DB830, BDP-S350 with Eltax Speakers

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Sony Devotee
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