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View topic - Chanskys Setup from New Zealand

Chanskys Setup from New Zealand

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by calibre » Mon Feb 14, 2005 6:34 pm

Nice clean setup you have there! good to see another Wellingtonian on here too  . What do you think of the ED series? I heard them going full song through a DA9000 ES reciever at the 04 Sony range launch here at the end of last year, and was impressed with the clarity of the setup.

Is that an HR/HX32 in your setup? They are VERY nice crt's, up there with the best IMHO.
I was going to replace my Philips crt for one, however I'm currently very tempted to get one of the new Grand Wega 3 lcd tv's, they are very nice and up to 60" .


My System specs Sony STR-DB940 reciever / DVP-NS905v SAW-M700B pwrd sub / Phillips PT29 TV / VPL X600m Projector Mission M74 Floorstanders, Mission M7c2 centre, Mirage OmniFX Surrounds

Sony Buff
Sony Buff
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by hp_meyer » Tue Feb 15, 2005 10:12 pm

Sorry all, this is way of thread...
Nice to see New Zealanders here! Are you also looking foreward to the Super 12?

I am from Pretoria, South Africa.
Sony Enthusiast
Sony Enthusiast
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by Oliver_Kuo » Sun Jun 26, 2005 9:19 pm

I loved how you've installed banana plugs into a wall outlet. When my parents were building this house, I ran coax cable, and cat5 in the wall throughout the house so that every room would have a jack for cable, one for cat5, and one for security cam veiwing. I'm still kicking myself for not running some 12 or 16 guage speaker wires in there as well.

What guage wiring did you use in the walls?

Once you go in wall wiring, thats how you'll always want it. Unfortunately for me I had a run in with time warner recently. Whom swore after a call a day from me for 3 weeks, and 3 technicians, that my cable card was not showing basic cable channels because of my faulty in wall wiring. They even went as far as to say I had no right to split their signal so many times, and that if I wanted extra lines I had to pay to let them do it.

At one time they said the only way to get it working was to stop using all my in wall wiring, and to let them run new lines to anywhere in my house where I had a TV. Funny thing is, I had 2 other TV's using cable boxes that were working fine for over 2 years. As well as 3 other TVs without cable boxes, that were getting the prime time channels just fine.

Eventually the 3rd tech realized that they weren't sending me any EMF, and thats why I didn't get basic cable channels. Funny thing was my high def channels and prime time channels were fine the whole time.

I don't know why, but it seems Time Warner hates customers who do in wall wiring systems.

Sony Buff
Sony Buff
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by ROM3000 » Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:16 pm

Awesome setup you have there chansky. I really like your TV. Is that the 34" XBR? How are they compared to a non-XBR Sony TV? I don't really understand the difference? Also the in-wall wiring looks great and neat. What type of speaker wire are you using?
Sony Buff
Sony Buff
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