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This forum addresses questions on installation, configuration and troubleshooting you might encounter with your Sony's Projector Series (CINEZA series).

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by dragon53 » Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:51 pm

                   Sony releases two more high powered LCD projectors                              
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Sony is expanding its line of video projection systems for commercial applications with two new LCD models for larger-venues.

The new VPL-FW300L (7,000 lumens) and the VPL-FH300L (6,000 lumens)projector models are designed to deliver outstanding images while inthe same room as the audience. This makes them ideal for smallerauditoriums, large classrooms and meeting rooms, museum exhibits, eventcenters, ballrooms and movie theaters for displaying pre-show content.

"There’s no 'one size fits all' option for large-venue projectionneeds," said John Kaloukian, director of Sony Electronics' professionaldisplay group. "For example, museums are featuring more full HD contentin their exhibits and need HD capable projectors that show this footagequietly and effectively."

"Conversely, more movie theaters are incorporating pre-show content,including local advertisements and regional promotions, and they'returning to LCD projectors that offer the necessary brightness, coloraccuracy and widescreen capabilities to fill a multiplex screen."

Kaloukian added that although these new projectors use 3LCD technology,they are a perfect complement to Sony’s 4K large-venue projectionsystems, and fill an important niche in between current businessprojectors and the 4K large-venue systems.

The VPL-FW300L projector has a WXGA+ resolution of 1366 x 800, whilethe VPL-FH300L unit delivers resolution of 2048 x 1080. Both models arehoused in the same chassis, and share the same type of lenses, lamps,and filters as well as the same connections and network functions.

The projectors feature Sony's BrightEra™ imaging technology, which isbased on an inorganic substrate and alignment layer to produce astronger bonding of molecules. This makes the panel more resistant todamage from UV energy while allowing for an increased aperture ratio.As a result, Kaloukian said the brightness, resolution and panelreliability are all increased.

The projectors' innovative round design also includes large-diameterfans and high-flow cooling air ductwork that lets the projector runcool while fan noise is decreased. These characteristics are the keyreasons that these models can be effectively placed in the room withthe audience without distracting from the event.

Users have a choice of five different standard lenses for excellentplacement flexibility, and both models have a locking bayonet mountmechanism for easy lens changes.

Both models use dual 275W lamps to essentially eliminate the risk of ablackout in the event of lamp failure. Their opposing designconfiguration allows for projector tilting for mirror or other uses.The lamps have an expected life of 1500 (high) or 2500 (standard)hours. This use of low wattage lamps saves energy and running costs,which in turn helps the projector run cooler and quieter when comparedwith other offerings.

Different lamp modes are available: both lamps can be usedsimultaneously or only one at a time can be active, and in "auto lamp"mode, the projector automatically selects the lamp that has the fewestusage hours.

A design enhancement over previous models places the memory for thelamp timer on the lamp itself, reducing the need to manually reset lamptimers. Also, lamps that are moved will retain accurate time readings.

The projectors' control panels are located on the sides for easyinstallation and maintenance. Cable management is simpler, with routingchannels carrying cabling to the mounting point. Both projectors arealso compatible with cable-hiding mounting systems.

The VPL-FW300L and the VPL-FH300L projectors are planned to beavailable in January, at suggested list prices of $27,000 and $40,000,respectively.

(article from avrev.com)
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