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View topic - VPL-X600 bulb problem...

VPL-X600 bulb problem...

This forum addresses questions on installation, configuration and troubleshooting you might encounter with your Sony's Projector Series (CINEZA series).

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by BobClark » Sat Aug 18, 2007 8:52 am


Our projector has developed a problem, maybe you can help...

I've recently installed a new bulb purchased from Pureland.
It worked well for awhile but suddenly started switching off causing the "Cover/Bulb" error light to blink. This occurs about a minute or less after startup. I am able to restart after 15 seconds or so only to have the same result.
I have replaced the new bulb with the old and found that the old bulb does not have this problem. I've swapped the 2 bulbs and reinstalled with the same result from the new bulb.

Anyone else seen this behavior?


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