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Agoraquest • View topic - HDD 250 HD DVR freezing, resetting, sometimes unresponsive

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View topic - HDD 250 HD DVR freezing, resetting, sometimes unresponsive

HDD 250 HD DVR freezing, resetting, sometimes unresponsive

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by jeholloway » Sat Apr 22, 2006 8:14 pm

I recently purchased this very desirable HD DVR 250 along with my new Sony 60 inch SXRD 1080i set. In three weeks time I have had to do a hard reset with tech support's help erasing everything and a soft reset (involuntary) causing confusion and erroneous listings, time, etc. This device is mysterious as no one carries them anymore, Best Buy and everyone else is reducing the price on them. Stores seem to always have them available as open box specials if any in stock at all. What is going on? Is this just a sophisticated computer type device that freezes, crashes, becomes arbitrarily unresponsive, is slow to change channels, cryptic operating process. The recordings are excellent and the device works well most of the time if not slowly but there is a pattern of crashes. Any information, help ideas or light to be shed on this mysterious device?
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by twanzor » Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:36 pm

I am having the same problem. How did you do the hard reset?  I contacted Sony and they didn't have a clue.
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