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Agoraquest • View topic - Sony MHC-771 "No Disc" Error when trying to play CDs

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View topic - Sony MHC-771 "No Disc" Error when trying to play CDs

Sony MHC-771 "No Disc" Error when trying to play CDs

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by tomcat_fan » Sun Oct 07, 2001 11:06 am

Woohooooo!!! The Windex (TM) on the lens cleaner didn't work.


I took the case thing off, and to my delight, found I only had to open the drawer to see the laser lens staring me in the face. It looked fine, but I sprayed a teeny bit of Windex on a Q-Tip, wiped it, and dryed it with the other end. I put the cleaning disc back in, and it started reading the tracks and counting the time without skipping! My faith in Sony has been restored! Must have been a really fluke thing for it to get dirty in the first place, but I guess it did.

The problem with the lens cleaner is that the brushes are located on the middle area of the disc. Since mine couldn't 99.9% of the time play anything, it wouldn't play the cleaning disc either, so the brushes wouldn't contact the lens. That's what I think at least. Thanks for your help claudio!

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by claudio » Sun Oct 07, 2001 6:44 pm

No problem. The number one problem in opinion why the dvd player doesn't recognize or skips tracks is because the lens are dirty.

I recomend useing a dvd/cd cleaner every 6 months to keep it clean.

My cd cleaner cd has two brushes. I put a couple of drops on one of the brushes and leave the other one dry. And that usually works.

But I'm glad it work out for you.
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