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View topic - DISCMAN D345 buttons don't work

DISCMAN D345 buttons don't work

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by Viscount » Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:31 pm

DISCMAN D345 buttons don't work.

Hope I'm posting this in the right forum...

The D345 is an old cheapo portable CD player which my wife had been using (for decades?).
It was sitting on the night table for years, but suddenly it stopped working properly. I wonder if anyone has a quick fix other than the trash.

None of the buttons on the lid have any effect - play, stop, etc. It acts as if it's not getting any power - the LCD is blank. But, if I disconnect then reconnect power (adapter or the batteries), it starts to play the CD within and the LCD shows info, but the buttons on the lid still have no effect.

Is the player physically damaged? Does it have a (firmware) reset function - to get the lid buttons to work again?
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