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View topic - POOR macros on the RMLG112!!!

POOR macros on the RMLG112!!!

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by 120inna55 » Tue Dec 30, 2003 4:27 am

Am I missing something, or are the macro capabilities on the RMLG112 really this poor?

The only thing I use a macro for is to power-up and shut down the HT system (ie turn on/off the TV, satellite receiver, and AV RECEIVER)!  I cannot seem to find a way to have the RMLG112 shut down (or power-up) the STR-DE995 utilizing a macro. In fact, after using a macro to shut down/power-up my other components, I have to scroll through the remote's menu to something other than "M1" or "M2" in order to use the power button for the receiver.  Is there a better way??
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