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Agoraquest • View topic - RDR-GX7 wont play DVD Videos ... help!

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View topic - RDR-GX7 wont play DVD Videos ... help!

RDR-GX7 wont play DVD Videos ... help!

This forum addresses questions on installation, configuration and troubleshooting you might encounter with your Sony DVD player.

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by SubmarinerUK » Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:50 pm

Since getting the Sony 5000ES BR we just use this for playing CDs
Pretty good 96khz output and < 0.004 THD.

But now the wife has gone all nostalgic wants to spend hours watching those dreaful DVD US Soap BoxSets .
Dont want my BluRay player thrashed on that garbage .. plus no point quality wise.

And hey every DVD Video , we put in , spends time loading, then stops and if you press play.
On the player it say "Disc Error" and on the TV it says "Can Not play this Disc". :(:(:(

Still plays CDs beautifully, ... I assume there is another Read Head?

Is there any setting I could have inadvertantly used that could lock this up?

The last time I messed with settings was to record from a Record Player, cant actually remember how I did that.

The Menu Screen and all its options work on the TV, via component out.
The oonly thing not tested was a factory reset, as this defaults to Scart, so you cant see the menu to "Finish"
And then have to remember all the keystrokes to get to set "Component Out" on ... very hairy!

Any ideas what settings I screwed up?

Any way to test if the Playback head and or the Read of the disc in Video mode are working?

Also checked all were Region 2 DVD Video disc, some we played before.
Could it have been set inadvertantly to another region. I think I read somewhere, you could change the region once on so,e recorder. But cant see any message/options anywhere to do this .... unless its something like setting the system to USA in setup?

It has not thrown any fault codes on the Comtrol Panel.
Parentsl Control is Off
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