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View topic - Recording Audio on Sony RDR -GX7 Max Quality of Audio Question

Recording Audio on Sony RDR -GX7 Max Quality of Audio Question

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by submariner » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:53 am

As I have all this kit I was trying to copy my LP's onto my computer by recording the audio onto a DVD-RW in 'Video' format.  With the view to convert this in Audacity into a .wav file.

Q.1 In light of the specs . Do you think it is possible to record the audio at a higher bit rate / sampling rate? i.e. could I up it to say 48kHz 16-bits = 1536 kbps.  Currently the max bit rate seems to be automatically set at 256 kbps. Is this a limitation of the DVD Recorder?
Just trying to increase the quality to later convert to a .wav file, and it seems strange the GX7 can play 96kHz, but seems to be only capable of recording at 48kHz, and more importantly then only 256 kbps.
I'd be quite happy if it could record at 44.1kHz 16-bit = 1411kbps [i.e. CD Quality:6e42f761].
Or do I need to go and buy a Phono Preamp with a USB output?
Any ideas on this one?

Seems a shame as it converts nicely in Audacity but I'd prefer a higher bitrate to lay down a sort of digital 'master'.

Brief Outline of what I did and the results:-
I recorded [in 'Video' format] a Vinyl LP on my Sony RDR-GX7 DVD Recorder , using the Line 4 L/R Audio Inputs] on the RDR GX7 connected to the AVR's 'TAPE OUT' RCA's.  However when I played back the DVD-RW disc on the GX7 recorder a bit rate of 256 kbps and a frequency sampling rate of 48kHz was shown on my 7100ES AVR's 'Audio Input Stream' display panel. I think this was right [see below ref DVD Recorder's Specs].
The DVD Recorder's Specifications in the manual states :
Audio Recording Format /applicable Bit rate: Dolby Digital/2Ch, 256 kbps.'
Video Recording Format: MPEG Video
Strangely it says:
'Audio Characteristics (Playback) Frequency Response DVD (PCM 96kHz) : DVD (PCM 48kHz)'
It also says: 'This Recorder can NOT Play DVD Audio Discs' - I only mentioned this as it might indicate an inability to copy/play high quality audio.
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