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View topic - Sony DVPNS9100ES Ribbon Cables Needed

Sony DVPNS9100ES Ribbon Cables Needed

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by dirtydai69 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:38 am

Hi, I have a UK DVPNS9100ES that I have re-cased in a black US chassis.

I am using the 9100 to feed an STRDA555ES (using the 5.1 inouts and outputs plus the analog direct facility), and then feeding six Sony TAN80ES power amps - one per channel.

I have also had the 9100 modded to improve the power supply, replace the audio board caps, plus some op amps.  I didn`t get the clock modded this time round, as the 9100 has two, and I thought the other mods would be more effective.  Might get the audio clock upgraded next year (anyone have any experiences / thoughts)?

The real thrust of this question is how / where can I get new ribbon cables (I think they are the ones connecting the audio board) as with all the unconnecting - reconecting, the ends are `frayed`.

This has now manifested itself as no bass on 5.1 DVD sound tracks (although the bass is fine on SACD).  My work-around is to use the optical output for off-board decoding in in the STRDA555ES.

If anyone has any thoughts about how / where to get the ribbon cables, I would be very grateful.

Very Best Regards,
Sony Fan
Sony Fan
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