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Agoraquest • View topic - known issue, dvp-ns999es power supply failure?

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View topic - known issue, dvp-ns999es power supply failure?

known issue, dvp-ns999es power supply failure?

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by neiljadman » Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:23 pm

Did anyone come up with a solution for this in the last couple of years?

My power board just went out - one day working fine - the next locked in standby (red led) mode. Pushing the power button  puts it in green led mode for a few seconds before the relay switches off again.

Like the others C402 (1,500uF/26v) was fried I was hoping it was just that but no. My next suspect was IC101, which was also replaced - but no change in symptoms.

I have also removed, tested and reftitted all the transistors, mosfets and diodes - all of which test OK.

All of the fuses are OK at least they don't show open circuit - I'm beginning to suspect the transformer (T1)  itself...that's next on my list of suspects.

Any other suggestions appreciated.

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