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View topic - Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors

Section where you have questions/comments about room setup, equipment design, wiring and best configuration between Sony products in creating the best Home Theater setup.

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by PeterPeter » Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:30 pm

Hello !

I was curious if anyone had suggestions on good quality surge protectors that they know work well. I've seen some articles talking about joules protection, surge protectors that shut off if a surge occurs (to protect the equipment better?), and that surge protectors wear out - some of the protectors indicate this on their product (so you can tell its time to buy a new one) others don't.

I am hoping to find a solid quality , reasonably priced surge protector that someone knows does really work, not just theoretically. I'd also like to know if in addition to a multi-outlet one, you know of a single outlet one that plugs straight into the socket.

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