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View topic - Using an American HTDDW670 in Europe

Using an American HTDDW670 in Europe

Section where you have questions/comments about room setup, equipment design, wiring and best configuration between Sony products in creating the best Home Theater setup.

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by Robbiec1 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:57 pm

Dear All,

I'm trying to use HTDDW670 surround sound system that was bought in America in Europe. I am currently using a Franzus Travel Smart Power Adapter to convert the electricity from 220/240 to 110/120. It will give me the "click-sound" as if it were turning on, oncve I hit the power button, but it will not power-up or stay on! Any suggestions to get it to actually work?? Thanks for your time and help... It's greatly appreciated!


PS - Realize I should also include that it the power converter says it converts to only 110 watts, not 120, just in case this is my main problem... don't think it is though!!
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