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View topic - Why and how to use data recovery?

Why and how to use data recovery?

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by wjason19 » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:22 pm

Have you ever hadsomeone get on your computer and start pushing keys on your keyboard, causingyour computer to freeze up or shut down? Sometimes friends of your offspring dothis while you are away at work, or out on the patio having a beer.Occasionally files are deliberately deleted by a vindictive spouse, orsignificant other, or by an over competitive co-worker. And there is alwaysencroachment upon your system by Trojan Horses, and other ¡°Malware¡±. You mayalso own computers that are used by employees, and occasionally abused by them.

If your computer gets to the point where your harddrive needs to be formatted, and the operating system needs to be replaced, orif you need to get deleted files back where they belong, or documentunauthorized or illegal usage of a hard drive, there is a way to recover thedata that would ordinarily be lost in such situations.

When youroperating system is still functional, you can recover files from the samepartition that you are running Windows on, or from other partitions, withcertain data recovery software. When you are doing any type of recovery, youmust remember that you cannot putrecovered data of any kind back in the same partition that it has beenrecovered from. When you are performing any kind of data recovery,especially non-specific recovery, you must also remember to have an activevirus program running to catch viruses that you may undelete.

You can use DataRecovery software to recover data from a drive with a corrupted operatingsystem by using another operating system with the software on another drive orpartition. If the data is on your primary partition, you have to have anotheroperating system configured as the master or ¡°boot¡± drive with the recoverysoftware, and the one you want to recover data from configured as a slave, ornon-boot drive. Then you can just go into the drive you are having problemswith, and recover all of the data to another place, or find specific items thatyou need, and put them where they can be found, and then reinstall them wherethey belong later.

Data recoverysoftware will not repair a corrupted or non-functional operating system, butyou can retrieve any important data that you need when you are restoring thatoperating system, including any saved pictures or work on the corrupt drive.

Undelete softwareunderstands the internal workings of the system used to store files on a disk (thefile system) and uses this knowledge to locate the disk space that was occupiedby a deleted file. Because another file may have used some or all of this diskspace, there is no guarantee that a deleted file can be recovered. But if thespace hasn't been re-used right away, there is a very good chance that you willsucceed. People who use data recovery software are often amazed to find that itrecovers files that were deleted months or even years ago. The best undeleteprograms give you an indication of the chances of recovering a file intact andeven provide file viewers so you can check the contents before recovery. Some famous data recovery software is designed to recover lost data which is due to several reasons.

Some tech from:
http://www.easeus.com/,http://www.namosofts.com/ and http://www.computerstar.ca/datarecovery.html

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