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by johnb23 » Sun Sep 09, 2007 1:00 pm

I added a new power supply and was having an error pop up which led me to the basic BIOS page. I changed a few settings and dont remember what the changes were and now the computer may run for a matter of a few minutes and at other times as long as an hour and then I get a blue screen with an error code. The code only shows for a second and then the PC restarts which does not give me any time to write down the codes. Im not sure if there is a place I can find online that will show me what the settings should be so I can try to see if this will solve my problem. Just to let you know, when the power error was coming up it gave me the option to press f1 to continue or f2 to enter BIOS. Prior to me messing with the settings, I would press f1 and the computer would run fine. Thanks for any help you give me.
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by jttar » Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:36 pm


Greetings and welcome.
Not knowing what might have been changed in the BIOS settings I would try going into the BIOS screen and loading the BIOS default settings.
That being said I don't think that it is a setting in the BIOS that is giving you an intermittent PC reboot problem.
If this problem started happening after you replaced the power supply, double check your connections to be sure that they are properly seated. If your motherboard uses a P4 connector (two yellow, two black wires) check that connector first.
The error message would be key to pointing you in the right direction. If you can get the screen again, try hitting the Control and Break/Pause keys to see if you can freeze the screen to be able to read the error code.

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by johnb23 » Thu Sep 13, 2007 5:40 pm

Thanks Joe for the help. I will try what you suggest to try to get the error code. I made sure all the wires were secure and took it another step by installing the old power supply and continue to have the same problem. I also tried the default setting for the BIOS and had no luck. Again I will try to write down the several error codes and see if you have any ideas from there.
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