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View topic - Bad Tech Support Directive Leads to $$Loss and Frustration!

Bad Tech Support Directive Leads to $$Loss and Frustration!

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by aerochick » Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:55 pm

I am posting this here, too, along with the 'troubleshooting' forum...  Thanks for your patience...

I am so frustrated, but maybe there is hope.  (Always the optimist, I am)

I called Sony Tech Support two weeks ago for info on upgrading my RAM on my VGC-RB33GY... 

I was upgrading my video card to the GForce8800 GTS640, upgrading my power supply to the OCZ 700W, and also wanted to upgrade the RAM.  OCZ makes a great DDR 400MHz/PC3200 Dual Channel RAM kit with timings of 2-3-2-5.  They run on 2.6-2.8V. 

Tech guy told me that my computer would definitely DEFINITELY accept this RAM and he said it would be a great upgrade.  (I waited on hold for an hour for this technical information, and it was very confidently given.)  He said that the RAM was supported to 2.75V, and that 2.8 would be 'fine'. 


I went and bought this RAM.  (2 sets 2-512's, to equal the max capacity of 2GB RAM.)  And let me tell you, these are things of beauty... 

Upon startup, I receive an error message "serial presence detect error" and it defaults to the lowest settings.  No choices, just 'press any key to continue'.

Well, the BIOS is LOCKED, and I can't set the timings or voltages. 

My computer is only allowing frequencies of 333 for these (for some unknown reason) although even at this, the speeds are 2.5-3-2-5.  (I wonder how fast I can get them at 400MHz, like I was promised... and at the voltages I was promised...) 

Anyway, I called Tech Support again today, talked to a different person who said "I'm sorry, but the last tech gave you bad information" and "the BIOS is locked, and can't be changed."  When pressed, he forwarded me to some "customer relations" person who said I should put my complaint in writing... like that will help.  GRRR!!!
Well, it turns out that I can only run 2.25-2.5V, (what will that do to my RAM/motherboard??), and that the max frequency is going to be 333, because they refuse to help me.

What can I do?  Anyone???
If I can't get to the bottom of this and 'fix' it, I'm going to make it my new mission in life to tell EVERYONE to steer clear of Sony because their tech support is not only worthless, but will cost you MONEY if you follow their advice.  (Heck, even if I can get to the bottom of this, I don't think I'll ever choose Sony again for computer needs...)

Can anyone help me?
Kristin McAllister
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