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View topic - processor upgrade VGC-RA820G

processor upgrade VGC-RA820G

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by Mike83 » Mon Feb 05, 2007 4:49 pm


Today I upgraded the bundled pentium 4 540 chip on my vaio ra820g with the substitute 541 chip. I want 64 bit capability that the 541 provides.

My question is: Do I have to change bios (or anything else) to realize my goal?

Thanks and regards,

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Sony Fan
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by NiteHawk » Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:26 am

I'm not sure about your bios, but your operating system, as well as your drivers will have to be updated for 64 bit processing. 
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Sony Addict
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by jttar » Sat Feb 10, 2007 6:07 pm


As always, good to hear from you and get your input. Do you know if Mike83 would have to run Windows XP Professional x64 Edition to acheive full 64 bit capabilities?

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