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View topic - Click2DVD with ATI-All-in-Wonder captured

Click2DVD with ATI-All-in-Wonder captured

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by tt4668 » Mon Jan 05, 2004 8:27 am

Having problem with Click2DVD using ATI-AIW card to capture Mpeg2 (720x480 at 8mbps)
1. PC used RS310
2. Hard disk is DMA
3. Hard disk cleaned up and defragmented
4. Remove unused program at start with MSCONFIG
5. Network disabled
6. USB not disabled
7. Memory upgraded to 512Megs
8. Click2DVD upgraded to 1.3 from Sony Support Site
9. ATI-AIW use latest MMC 7.2 recommended
   by www.ati.com for WindowXP
9. ATI-AIW use latest Capture driver recommended
   by www.ati.com for WindowXP
10. All softwares for Sony Package

Capture using ATI-AIW given good result with standard MPEG2 720X480 at 8000kbps.
Play good with Window Media Player , and ATI-Player,
Accepted by DVGATE and Window Media Movie Producer.

Having problem with CLICK2DVD (usually after 3 hours of .... encoding... separating video and audio ... ) the program just abended without any details.

Having problem with editing video clip too (program sent message telling an error without any further details.

Problem is circumvented by using DVGATE to re-encode MPEG2 into 720X480 8000KBPS (same input parameter from MPEG2 720X480 8000KBPS) some kind of nonsense. The output is given to CLICK2DVD
and it is working fine.

Thought some other internal parameters must be set some way to do the job... (example... GOP frames...etc..)

The idea of buying VAIO is to DIRECTLY capture Video into DVD without having to re-encode does not seem to work.

Anyone having same set up and would like to share some experience is welcome.....  
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