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View topic - The Big Picture on Digital TV

The Big Picture on Digital TV

This Forum is for any other questions you might have and for discussions on the latest Sony television news.

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by -W- » Thu Sep 12, 2002 2:00 pm

Greetings Sony enthusiasts:

From the NY Times....

Jeff Potts, a local contractor, was about to write a check for more than $2,000 for an HDTV set. But after 30 minutes of discussion he abruptly left, exasperated and empty-handed.

"I want to step up to HDTV, but they're telling me I have to have service plans, extended warranties and special expensive cables to make this work," he said. "This is all too much."

Sound familiar?

"Yet according to a recent survey by the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing, 32 percent of adults have never heard of HDTV, 56 percent have no idea how to go about receiving it, and 81 percent are unlikely to buy an HDTV set in the next 12 months."


Registration to the Times is free...


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