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View topic - Manual convergence

Manual convergence

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by ciper » Wed Oct 24, 2001 10:33 am

Last night I decided to do a full manual convergence on my set. I disconnected the "service mode" electronic convergence lead and started to adjust. Almost right away I ran into a problem. What is the propper procedure for removing the white material that keeps the adjustments in place. I didnt put any pressure on it as I thought there was an easier way. I contemplated using an exacto to seperate the plates but this would be time consuming.

After all i adjusted what i could and did make an improvement the convergence. The center of my screen is almost PERFECT now, its actually hard to tell its not dead on. The edges however need some help. I was able to clean up most of the slop at the edges using the electronic convergence but Im maxing out of two of the settings.
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