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View topic - DCR-TRV11 stills @640x480 only 360x240 after download to PC

DCR-TRV11 stills @640x480 only 360x240 after download to PC

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by 5string » Wed Sep 11, 2002 5:15 pm

The documentation for my DCR-TRV11 says the stills are 640 x 480 res., but after I download thru fire wire to my PC (Dell Dim.8200, Intel P4, Win. XP) they are only 360 x 240!?! I can live with 640 x 480 (barely) but 360 x 240 is unacceptable.I tried Picture Gear Lite 4.1 even though it only says win.95/98/NT4. It won't find the camera no matter how it's hooked up,serial port or fire wire. Sony support hasn't helped at all. They want me to spend more $$ on a memory stick reader but they didn't say if it would take care of my problem.Can anyone help with an explanation? Thanks
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by Buddy42 » Tue May 17, 2005 8:20 pm

Did you ever resolve this problem? I see that no one responded to your qurey. I have the same problem with my TRV20 . the files on camera are 1152x864 but when copied to my computer over ILink they are only 357x260 in size. Did you try the memory stick reader? Did you end up buying non sony software (as the sony help desk suggested to me)?



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