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View topic - Corrosion damage invalidates warranty

Corrosion damage invalidates warranty

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by gmagill » Wed Sep 28, 2005 8:54 am

I have a brand new DCR-DVD101 digital camcorder that never worked since day one when I bought it. I have returned it to Sony and they responded stating it was damaged by corrosion and un-economical to repair and that corrosion damage was not part of the warranty.

I am now left with a $800 piece of useless plastic which they totally mutilated as they screwed it back together (screws wound in at incorrect angles stripping the threads, broken plastic around the case where tool marks show they tried to pry it open, etc).

How am I to prove that the camera was not already corroded before I bought it?

I think this is just a cheap way out for them because they do not make products that are robust enough for south Florida climates.

Oh well, off to the legal department. Does anyone know a good lawyer?  
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