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View topic - Need DCR-TRV720 help

Need DCR-TRV720 help

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by brutlee3 » Fri Aug 19, 2005 4:18 pm

This camcorder many times does not accept the tape.
When the cassette compartment closes, a self diagnosis display gives me a C31:21, C31:22 or a C31:23.
According to the manual  the C31:-- stands for, that you can correct the malfunction yourself.
It does not tell you what the meaning is of the last two digists.
Any suggestions concerning this problem? And the following problems which are:
When sometimes the tape is accepted and I want to play it back, the picture is distorded and the sound waves in and out.
Some of my tapes are old and I also used them over again.
I  blame it sometimes to the tapes, because when I freewheel the tape,  and turn the spools, it feels dragging tight.When the cassette tape is in the camcorder, the one side does not turn and the tape get messed up in the camcorder.Sometimes it seems to work when I wiggle the power switch, or when I put pressure on the outside of the tape compartment. I think that is just my imagination.
When I put a new tape in the camdorder, most of the time it works.
It is difficult to pin-point what the problem is.
I have many recorded tapes which I would like to transfer to DVD s
And hate to think about buying an other digital 8 camcorder.
Hope someone in video world have a answer for me.
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