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View topic - Sony DSC p150

Sony DSC p150

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by mikeoneill » Thu Nov 04, 2004 9:49 am

hello there

hopefully somebody can answer my question pls

i do not have a digital camera at the moment

but am considering a used sony dsc p150

the camera in question came from germany and is still sealed in its box

this may sound silly, but is the info displayed on the LCD to the user generic (i.e. the same all over the world) or is it possible that it could be in german!!

the same concern applies to the user manual and software cd - i presume these can be replaced more easily than the onboard software!!

finally i presume the charger has a continental connector - can this be easily / cheaply replaced rather than using an adapter

Sony Fan
Sony Fan
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by Tiny_Turtle » Thu Nov 04, 2004 10:20 am


I have the predecessor of the P150 called the P120 (it's basicly a black P100). My camera (which incidently was bought from Germany as well – though brand new) has the option to set the menu language to any of the following: Português, Italiano, Français, Español, Deutsch or English. I even believe it was set to English out of the box.

You havent added where you live in your profile (like mine says "Stockholm, Sweden" just below my handle), but when you write "continental" it makes me think you live in the U.K. Since the U.K., Germany and Sweden all have the European standrad of 230V@50Hz in our outlets all you need is a converter. Germany and Sweden use the same two-pin connector so I didn't have to get one.

I also got an English (as well as several other) user manual in my box.

Good luck and don't forget to post back with your opinions on the camera!

/Tiny P120
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Sony Addict
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by Punisher » Tue Nov 09, 2004 7:34 am

Hi there!

I'm about to buy a P150 anyone can tell me if is the right choice or can i buy a better camera by the same price?

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Sony Buff
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