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View topic - Connecting TRV65 Camcorder to PC

Connecting TRV65 Camcorder to PC

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by spanick » Wed Oct 13, 2004 11:08 am

Dear Friends,

I have a Sony TRV65 Camcorder ( bought around 1998 ) and still works very effectively. I have accumulated lots of Hi-8 Tapes that i need to convert and burn them as DVD. I looked into lots of Capture Cards as well as Devices and on looking @ thier reviews have noticed that most of them freeze the PC or are difficult to Sync the Audio that is on teh the tape to the Image( once downloaded). Would like to know the following

The Camcorder comes with RCA Plugs for Outputs, I am not sure whether it has a S-Video Jack.

My Computer has an USB Connectivity 1.0 and is executing Win-98 as the OS

Please recommend a good quality Video Capture Card (Suite) or Any Device  ( Not Pretty Expensive ) that could help me in doing the following

a) transfer the Hi-8 Tapes using my Camcorder via RCA Plugs to the PC
b) Burn it as MPEG2/MPEG1 or the latest MPEG-4
c) Does Audio Synchoronization ( Captures Audio along with the Video that is on the tape)

Your views will be great help for me to decide which Device / Card (suite) that i could purchase .


Suresh P
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