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View topic - Memory Stick/Pro/Pro Duo/Magic Gate??? HELP!!!

Memory Stick/Pro/Pro Duo/Magic Gate??? HELP!!!

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by bigdipper » Tue Mar 23, 2004 7:27 pm

could Sony possibly make this ANY more confusing for us non-technofiles?...

anyway, i'm trying to figure out 1 very important thing...

i just bought a "sony 256 pro-duo" memory stick complete with "magic gate" adapter...

why can't i take the "256 pro-duo" memory stick out of the camera, insert it INTO the "magic gate" adapter - and then pop that combo into my HP 7550 Photosmart "memory stick" card reader slot and DL my photos???(like i used to with my old school original blue sony memory stick!) 

this is really ticking me off... i used to have no problem doing this with my old blue memory sticks... but the "magic gate" adapter doesn't seem to register in the HP 7550's card reader???... or maybe this "magic gate adapter" only works with the Sony "Pro" sticks, and NOT the "Pro-Duo" sticks???... ugggggggggggggghhhh...............

this is EXACTLY why all this new technology INFURIATES me... 

any advice guys/gals???
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