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View topic - default vs customized settings on dsc-W300

default vs customized settings on dsc-W300

This forum is geared towards fine-tuning your Sony digital camera settings. If you have troubles or just simple questions about optimizing your picture, check out this forum. Feel free to add your suggestions to the manuals.

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by bobbiedobbs » Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:02 pm

For purposes of general photography, is it preferable to use the factory default or the customized settings for the following:

auto scene recognition
sharpness plus
DRO to optimize brightness and contrast
auto face detect

If the customized settings enhance quality, why not keep them on? Again, this is for general purposes, not a specialized shot.
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by NiteHawk » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:05 pm

Welcome to the forum.  For general purpose photography, where lighting is not an issue, the default setting should be adaquate.  However, there will be situations where the customized setting will come into play; low light where a flash cannot be used, sunlight directly behind the subject or wanting to freeze fast action, just to name a few.

Customized settings allows you to take a decent photo, under harsh conditions, without having to go thourgh a 3-4 step process  setting up the camera for a proper shot.  

Getting my first digital camera, after using 35mm all my life, I was a little intimidated with all the control I had to make a difficult shot just right.  Now, after a couple of years, I just leave the camera in AUTO mode and clean-up my not so decent pictures in Photoshop.       
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