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View topic - KV-36FS76U alignment

KV-36FS76U alignment

This forum is geared towards fine-tuning your Sony television settings. If you have troubles or just simple questions about optimizing your picture, check out this forum. Feel free to add your suggestions to the manuals.

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by smartwombat » Sat Jan 05, 2008 11:11 am

Having been given a free TV, and a near hernia moving it.
I see now why it was free

On the left and right of the image in 4:3 mode there are colour fringes.
At the bottom red on the left, blue on the right.
At the top blue on the left, red on the right.

I've read the FAQs about service mode, and they seem to rely on the DISP button that I do not have on the RM-938 remote.

I've also read alignment FAQs that are for NTSC, not PAL, but assume the principles are the same.

I'm guessing this is related to moving the set to a new home, and that it can be compensated for with adjustments.

Am I right?
If so, how?

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Sony Fan
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by Zero1 » Fri Mar 28, 2008 3:31 pm

I'm working on my KV-36FS70, but I'm assuming they are fairly similar.  There are two ways of getting into the service menu.  One is of course using the remote.  Have your TV in standby, press the info button, then number 5, then volume +, then display (teletext cancelling button).  This will power on the set in service mode.

If you do not have a button that performs the teletext clear/return to TV, you can also enter service mode from the TV itself.  Make sure everything is off, then hold the two dimpled buttons on the top of the TV, and while holding them, switch the TV on.  Keep them held down for a while until the image appears.  Upon letting go, you will get TT__ in the top right corner.  Do not try to change channel using the numbers, as this will enter in short codes in the TT__ prompt rather than change channel, and you could mess up your settings.

Once you have TT__ on screen, you access the service menu by pressing Menu on the remote twice.  Once to get the user menu (with the colour, contrast etc.), then when you press Menu to exit that, the service menu automatically appears after.

The menu you will then need is most likely going to be related to convergence, but tightening up the geometry may help too (if it is a little off).  Generally try not to expect too much from the edges of images.  The geometry on mine is pretty bad in all 4 corners, but it is very good eslewhere.  If it was really that bad, you may be able to get Sony to fit a permalloy assembly for each corner which can help.

As always, write down every setting before changing anything.  It really is a lifesaver if you realise you don't like the changes.
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