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View topic - KV-32CS70B Image sizing

KV-32CS70B Image sizing

This forum is geared towards fine-tuning your Sony television settings. If you have troubles or just simple questions about optimizing your picture, check out this forum. Feel free to add your suggestions to the manuals.

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by ecelosia » Wed Sep 21, 2005 11:48 am


I have a TV sony KV-32CS70B.  There are several options for sizing the image on the set (4:3, 14:9, Zoom, Full and Large+)  Most of my TV channels (french and UK channels) are broadcasted in 4:3 format.  The Large + option is supposed to take a 4:3 frame and expand it to a 16:9 format.

Unfortunately, the top and bottom picture are always troncated and I need to move the picture either up or down, but always unable to fit the entire picture in the 16:9 format.

Is there a way that I can change some specific configuration parameters (hidden menu) or modify for example certain codes on the TV so that I can expand the picture to fit exactly in a 16:9 format when using the Large + option?

Thank you


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by dtimage » Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:17 pm

there are many ways you can use to change image size, you can apply image zooming option or image resizing option to get  the image you want most.
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