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I just bought the sony

I just bought the sony 51 hdtv projection tv. I am a big sony fan, but dissapointed in the picture quality of the projection tv. I have always heard they are not as clear as a tube. I am not using digital cable or satalite. Just regular cable is connected. Is there something under these circumstance...
by tonydiato
Fri Nov 07, 2003 4:40 am
Forum: Television Troubleshooting
Topic: kp51ws510 projection...not that clear
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My Sony HVR V1U camera

My Sony HVR V1U camera always makes me reset the clock and settings. Is there an internal battery that needs replaced? And if so, is it easy to do.<br /><br />Also, I shoot wedding and I know that when I shot inside when its in a dark environment the video footage is grainy. I have the camera set to...
by tonydiato
Fri Sep 27, 2013 8:49 am
Forum: Camera Troubleshooting
Topic: Sony HVR-V1U Internal Batter? and also pictures grainy
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