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    Sony News: Sony set for $642 million investment in Olympus
    Posted by claudio on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 @ 22:31:00 EDT (5237 reads)
    Sony News Sony Corp (6758.T) will likely approve a plan this week to invest 50 billion yen ($642 million) in cash-strapped Olympus Corp (7733.T), becoming its biggest shareholder with around a 10 percent stake, three sources familiar with the deal told Reuters.

    Sony will set up a joint business with Olympus to develop new medical equipment, and next year will send an executive to join its board of directors, the sources said on condition they not be identified.
    ( Read More on this Article... | 1889 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send this Story to a Friend | Sony News )

    Sony News: Sony CEO Hirai Says Plan to Revive TVs Ahead of Schedule
    Posted by claudio on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 @ 22:17:44 EDT (6160 reads)
    Industry News Sony Corp. (6758) earnings are “moving in the right direction” as Japan’s biggest exporter of consumer electronics accelerates a plan to turn around its unprofitable TV business, Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai said.

    Sony also is “mindful of our cash position” as it makes deals such as its Sept. 28 agreement to invest 50 billion yen ($639 million) in Olympus Corp. (7733), Hirai said at an industry exhibition near Tokyo yesterday. The Tokyo-based company is selling businesses, including a chemical products division for 57.2 billion yen, to generate cash, he said.
    ( Read More on this Article... | 4454 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send this Story to a Friend | Sony News )

    Sony Television: Sony Goes Big On 4K With 84-Inch KD-84X9005 LED TV
    Posted by claudio on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 @ 22:15:44 EDT (6041 reads)
    Sony Television Bravia LCD 2012 has marked a spectacular return to form for Sony as far as its Bravia HDTV lineup is concerned, with the flagship HX853 series scooping up awards after awards in various publications and industry events – the 55-inch KDL-55HX853 we reviewed back in June remains the best LED LCD TV we’ve seen this year. Not content to rest on its laurels however, the Japanese brand is seeking to establish itself as the de facto leader in the movement towards the next step-up in picture resolution, namely 4K which boasts four times the pixel count of regular full HD 1920×1080 content.
    ( Read More on this Article... | 2296 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send this Story to a Friend | Sony Television )

    Sony PS 3: PlayStation 4 game development stretching Sony studios thin
    Posted by claudio on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 @ 22:12:35 EDT (6038 reads)
    Sony Playstation 3 PlayStation UK's Fergal Gara says that Sony's studios are having trouble balancing support of PS3, PS Vita, and the upcoming Playstation 4.

    Sony is working on a new video game console to succeed the swiftly maturing PlayStation 3. Codenamed Orbis, the PlayStation 4 will do a number of things according to various sources within and without Sony. The PlayStation 4 will support 4K playback. Following its acquisition of streaming video game company Gaikai, Sony’s executives have hinted that the PlayStation 4 will itself offer cloud-based streaming service.
    ( Read More on this Article... | 3214 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send this Story to a Friend | Sony PS 3 )

    Sony Video: New Sony Projector Can Show, Record Notes Scribbled Onto the Screen
    Posted by claudio on Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 23:13:03 EDT (19097 reads)
    Sony Projector Sony said Monday it will sell a projector that displays and saves notes scribbled onto the images it projects.

    The projector comes with two battery-powered infrared pens, which it uses to track what is being written on the screen. Both pens can be tracked at the same time, and each can also be used as a standard computer mouse during presentations.

    The company said the projector can be used in classroom settings to save comments written on screen during a lesson, then posted or used in future classes. In business settings, the device can be used as a virtual whiteboard and to save meeting notes directly to a computer.
    ( Read More on this Article... | 1663 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send this Story to a Friend | Sony Video )

    Sony News: Sony and Nokia still a hit with Asian consumers
    Posted by claudio on Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 23:06:55 EDT (4493 reads)
    Sony News Nokia and Sony remain two of the most powerful brands in Asia despite high profile problems affecting both companies which have sent their market share, revenues and global reputation plummeting in recent months, according to a new piece of research.

    Market consultancy Nikkei BP Consulting evaluated 60 global brands in eight countries across Asia in order to compile its annual Brand Asia report for 2012.
    ( Read More on this Article... | 2655 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send this Story to a Friend | Sony News )

    Sony News: Sony's fall and Japan's hang-ups
    Posted by claudio on Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 23:05:03 EDT (4802 reads)
    Sony News Sony's slow but sure descent is also about Japan's obsession with doing things the Japanese way, even if it's the wrong way.

    I lived in Japan during the peak of its technological and manufacturing heyday -- from 1983 till 1993. The final eight years in Tokyo. Not only did I visit scores of Japanese electronics and computer companies as a journalist (and analyst) but I was also irresistibly drawn to (read: I spent way too much time in) Akihabara -- Japan's electronics retail Mecca at the time.

    The reason for the success of companies like Sony and Panasonic (National brand in Japan) was obvious. They not only designed popular products but were also very good at manufacturing them. Not unlike the U.S. in its industrial heyday.
    ( Read More on this Article... | 4654 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send this Story to a Friend | Sony News )

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